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Umang Pandey

Junior Reporter

About Me

Oh, are you taking a peek at my illegible anecdotes or my self-proclaimed maxims? Well you don’t have the AUTHORity to do that. I’m on the brINK of being ousted from this world after that pun, I must be PENalized for these, but what to do, I’m Umang PUNdey.

So when I’m free of thinking of and laughing at my cringe worthy puns, I find refuge in writing (from my insanity, that is) incessantly tinkering with words and my emotions. Writing is one of those few things which require little thought, just pick up a pen and it’s the ink which does the talking, teleporting you to a universe free of worldly concerns like missing your favourite serial’s telecast, or not receiving that extra slice of pizza.

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