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Ayushi Mehta

Senior Reporter

About Me

I am Ayushi Mehta, Senior Reporter of Lighthouse. I am a girl with many dreams, many ideas and a strong passion of expressing my ideas in whichever way possible. Writing for me is the best instrument to connect with everyone and to commute my ideas and thoughts to the world. It gives me immense pleasure when my writing makes someone say “ I can totally relate to this” or “ You have written everything that I have always wanted to say”. I have always been a challenge accepter with participating in as many as programs that I can which would help me interact and connect with people. Being having the experience of chairing in Model United Nations twice and being a member of Lighthouse last year too has made my passion for writing even stronger and better , by being able to express my feelings and being able to express others in a way that would touch you at the core of your heart. I hope that this year I am able to do justice to you and the Lighthouse by writing about the topics you all would like to read about because let's be honest- no one likes reading boring stereotypical ones.

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