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Ashana Patale

Senior Reporter

About Me

Writing is like an acquired trait. You have to build a passion towards it and continue striving to do your best. Taking up writing as a hobby at a tender age, I came to appreciate and recognize the power of words. A simple sentence strung together with hard hitting words can make quite a lot of difference, and my aim is to be able to express a lot with very little, so what better way to accomplish this than by joining the prestigious Lighthouse? My interests include reading, cycling, horseback riding, basketball, and coming up with horrible puns to suit my wayward humor. Being a young adult, I understand the importance of knowing and being informed, which is why articles and reports hold a high value in my eyes. Although I do not understand the art of sarcasm, I try my hardest to become familiar with irony or satirical remarks. I hope for the very best in my last year of high school and as a senior reporter. 

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